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  • finally finished veronicas hell quest, time for RAUL

  • July 31, 2014

    39 seconds ago

  • Anonymous said: Is there a Ghost President and a Ghost Congress? Does the Ghost Congress have filibusters? Are these hypothetical Ghost Congress filibusters called... Ghostbusters?


  • #Anonymous      

    4 hours ago

  • the thing about that is that its not really a trait as it is a learned skill, just read more, write more, ect

    i agree, which is why i feel like school let me down in some ways because i feel like this was something i was supposed to learn because its something that actually matters when engaging with text in the modern day.

    maybe i can look into places to start learning this stuff!! not just producing myself since that p much leads to a feedback loop but reading how other renown people approach criticism. i have to figure out a starting point

  • #spleenwheel      

    4 hours ago

  • also how long until i catch flak for forgetting shorty’s name


  • #evitron      

    4 hours ago

  • i wish i were more intelligent

    Read More

  • 4 hours ago

  • evitron said: how long til jo + shorty whose name i can't remember get a cameo in ghost story

    i have def considered it

  • #evitron      

    4 hours ago

  • cybugs:

    cinematic excellence 

    (via iguanamouth)

  • 4 hours ago

  • veronicas quest line is really fucked up and buggy

    like even more so than other quests. i had to use console commands to get it to work

  • 5 hours ago

  • why do boomer kids know what dinosaurs are (by species) but the average wastelander doenst know what fish are. smh

  • 7 hours ago

  • (immoral?)


  • #pduu      

    14 hours ago

  • katedrawscomics:


    Widdershins: Piece of Cake - Up on Kickstarter now!

    The formerly prestigious Hotel Gula in Widdershins is this year’s host for the National Bakeoff competition, and gifted young baker Alexa King has every intention of winning. But unfortunately for her, the prize is not quite what she expected…

    Flung into the past and faced with a foe with an endless appetite for the finer things in life, it’s down to her and a mismatched kitchen staff of maids, criminals, housewives and more to figure out how to escape the never-ending buffet.

    Can Alexa uncover the Hotel’s mysteries before she and her fellow cooks end up on the menu?


    The Kickstarter for Widdershins Volume 4 is up! Come and grab a copy! Like the sound of it, but don’t have spare funds? You can read it online here, or start at the beginning of Widdershins here, all for free!

    Any reblogs/tweets/general word spreading would be super appreciated. Thanks, everyone, I will go cross my fingers now!

    We met the first stretch goal, y’all! Everyone getting a book will also get Alexa’s illustrated recipe card. Here are the goals for the other character’s cards, I’d love to do them all!

    £5000 - Alexa’s card

    £6500 – Rosie’s card

    £8000 – Ethan’s card

    £9500 – Gladys and Edie’s card

    £11000 – Sam’s card

    (via rincewitch)

  • 14 hours ago

    16 hours ago

  • OH thats why

    sneaky urls

    thank you again ;;

  • #shslhinata      

    16 hours ago

  • 16 hours ago

  • there are so many farts in dreamcatchers the movie. like more farts than any movie possibly ever

  • 17 hours ago

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