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  • i am fucking sobbing over this episode of my brother my brother and me where theyre trying to figure out if tim curry, under any circumstances, could entice a child to come near him.

    "tim curry could not entice a child if he was in an ice cream van driven by a pokemon"

  • April 24, 2014

    7 hours ago

  • the fuck is this

    the fuck is this

  • April 23, 2014

    9 hours ago

  • TMNT to feature turtles “balls”


    While trailers for the Michael Bay produced TMNT film look promising, all is not well. A source close to the production claims a sequence in the film where April sees Donatello’s ‘balls’ is not likely to be cut. The source described the scene below.

    "April is hanging out in the Turtles underground home/lair . Donatello, who is portrayed as the most human like sort of "sexy" of the four is taking a shower. Not realizing he jumps out of the shower - April gasps and does a double take and says something along the lines of "you have those?" . Donatello says something along the lines of "whoa my shell is cold today" before grabbing his boa staff and covering up. It’s a play on the scene from the Sex and the City movie where Samantha catches a man exposing himself after a rooftop shower. April later mentions it in passing to Splinter who says "they are anatomically correct…" or something similar. "

    It sounds like a cheap laugh but not totally out of character. Some of the other news of this films potty humor mentions Splinter talking about how hard it is to goto the bathroom in his suit and a pizza party that jokes about “4/20” . 

    (via saccharinescorpion)

  • 10 hours ago

  • 100 american dollars for a james sunderland jacket

  • 10 hours ago

  • Anonymous asked: you can do it! you are cool and strong and good at art

    thank u friend

  • #Anonymous      #ask      

    10 hours ago

  • ksantillus:

    Hey! Now that I’ve got your attention with some old fanart, I’d just like you to know that I’m currently between jobs and am looking to fill up my time and income with commissions just for you!!

    Got a fan character itching to be brought to life? Want to give your friends and family a nice caricature as a gift? Or maybe you just like cute monster girls? Then hurry up to take one of 10 available slots I currently have open for commissions as of this posting!

    To get started, just drop me a line at and tell me what you want drawn and how you want it drawn (pencil, ink, etc.). Depending on what people or characters you want drawn, it’s a good idea to provide reference pictures or at least a very good description of your character.

    Once we’re clear on what you want and how much it’ll cost, I’ll ask for the first half of the payment upfront to my Paypal, which is the same as my e-mail address. If I can’t finish the piece for any reason, I’ll let you know as soon as I can and give you a full refund.

    I only have a few restrictions:

    • No porn, gore, or anything blatantly offensive. I reserve the right to not draw anything I find excessively gross or creepy.
    • No requests for characters from independent works of art—webcomics and the like. Fan characters are fine, but no canon characters from stuff like Homestuck, where the artists depend on those comics for their liveliehood.

    If that all sounds good to you, I’m ready to hear from you!

    Open Commission Slots:

    my friend kate draws great art!!! help her out and buy ur self somethin nice!!

  • #HELP FRIEND!      

    11 hours ago

  • mmm i want to draw fallout maxine

  • 11 hours ago

  • Anonymous asked: The ghosts!

    theyre here

  • #Anonymous      #ask      

    12 hours ago

  • cornerof5thandvermouth asked: i'm fucking terrified as hell, and i'm just getting my A.S. this may, i don't know what the fuck is going to happen or what i'm going to do if my GPA drops once final grades are in, because i literally need the best gpa possible to keep my scholarship to the four-year i'm transferring to. idk i just wanted to let you know that i kinda know that feeling and you are in good company, or at the very least in company

    pray for us both vermouth. we need parayers

  • #cornerof5thandvermouth      #ask      

    12 hours ago

  • wait, is that profile pic an aryan symbol? is this guy a nazi?

    its the astrological symbol for earth lmao

  • #jizzfrosti      

    12 hours ago

  • eytancragg asked: Healthcare triage has a video that might help you understand insurance.

    thank god because i need my meds and nothing makes sense

  • #eytancragg      #ask      

    13 hours ago

  • 3wheels asked: I'm graduating this spring too- two weeks, psych/crju. I know how you feel! My depression pretty much got me fired from my last campus job because i just couldn't keep up, and I'm always so scared that someone will call up my employment history and decide not to hire me because of stuff like that. I'm not ready for the "real world" :c

    maaann if youre in the us its illegal to refuse to hire someone based on mental illness!! anyone who does that to you is asking for a tasty lawsuit and then you can retire in your 20s…..thats the dream.

    the real world is terrible

  • #3wheels      #ask      

    13 hours ago

  • spleenwheel replied to your post: also on a scale of 1-10 how guache wou…

    what kinda movies

    i have those tales from the crypt dvds you guys got me soooooo i was thinking those actually

  • #spleenwheel      

    13 hours ago

  • also on a scale of 1-10 how guache would it be to have like….an online graduation party………im thinking just a day where i stream a bunch of movies and enjoy one single day of not having to do anything

  • 13 hours ago

  • a comforting thing is knowing that i have a lot of friends and internet acquaintances i trust that live in portland @_@ please teach me what an insurance premium is

  • 13 hours ago

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